What We Offer

  • Welcome to Devils Brigade. We are excited that your taking the time to research about us. If you have any questions please join us on Discord.
  • If you would like to become a leader please fill out the leadership application and we will reply to you as soon as possible.
  • We are constantly getting new games added to our community. Hop in Discord to see what is new!

Community of Friends

Devils Brigade focuses on friendships and fun game play. Fostering a community where there is no drama and laid back atmosphere is very important to us. Members love that we are friends first and gamers second.

With many players who enjoy different games and play styles, it is easy for Devils Brigade to offer something for everyone. We hold regular community events for each game, against other communities, and fun weekly random pickup games. There is always something happening.

Regular Content

Servers Provided

Devils Brigade has many servers. Usually, if the game can be publicly hosted, we have it. We are able to spin up new games on first available server dates. We have a expert technical team to support the health and quality of the servers we run.

How a community is ran and the culture fostered in it are largely dependent on the tools being used. We have built our community on the newest and greatest. Utilizing our own website running current themes, Discord server and Guilded server provides our community a consistent message and method for playing games together.

State of the Art Tools