About Devils Brigade Clan

  • Welcome to Devils Brigade. We are excited that your taking the time to research about us. If you have any questions please join us on Discord.
  • If you would like to become a leader please fill out the leadership application and we will reply to you as soon as possible.
  • We are constantly getting new games added to our community. Hop in Discord to see what is new!

Who We Are

Our community has been built on the desire for our players to always have someone to play with. More importantly, to have friends to play with.

We originated from an older Heroes & Generals clan that did not have a desire to expand their supported games as well as improve the tools they used. A lot of our founding members also came from clans like TAW and UWS. Each of these clans had positive items they offered players but none of them focused on relationships.

Once we noticed that the main player base needed more and that these other clans were not going to be able to meet that need, we divided into the new Devils Brigade. Since our separation we have been able to capture the culture that our players wanted, developed and implemented updated tools and refreshed the clans processes.

Moving forward we are excited about our opportunity to work with other clans, game developers and content providers to offer our players the best gaming experience possible. No matter the game, we will have a friendly group of players to interact with.

What We Want To Become

Our most important focus moving into the future is maintaining the right culture. Every gamer has different desires and expectations in a gaming community. One thing usually remains the same between all of them: having fun.

Maintaining a fun community is a lot of work. Gamers do not always get along. Personalities clash. Games expire. There are infinite reasons why gamers will not have fun in a community. Devils Brigade is focusing on reducing these impacts and increasing the positive ones.

Devils Brigade is committed to having a culture of enjoying games with friends. No matter the game. No matter the day or time. We want good people to have a good time. Come try us out on Discord.