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A Community Changing The Rules

Providing players opportunities to play together, Learn together and enjoy gaming!

For Players

Devils Brigade focuses on the player experience. We use many tools to make the experience fun and accessible to everyone.


Devils Brigade gives you the power to be able to grow your skills and focus on particular play styles or game genres.

Streamer Support

Utilize the Devils Brigade tools to manage your own content. Keep your followers engaged with custom content.

Events & Content

We have regular clan events as well as competitive community vs community events. Come play with other gamers!

High End Host Servers Running Multiple Game Servers Available Free To Members! Wanna know more?

No Pressure gaming

Being focused on the gamer experience means that not everyone will be a good fit. We will not force people to be members before knowing they match us and we match them. To ensure the community culture is healthy we commit to finding the right people. This benefits everyone in the long run with having a friendly and fun environment.

Focus on

Our community is focused on having an environment that caters to having fun while playing with friends. We use tools that allow for easily organizing groups of players no matter the game. We also provide a more adult like environment by restricting membership to 18+.

Community Driven

Our membership are empowered to make decisions on their own. With limited rules and an adult environment our players are able to play the way they want. The community is what the players make it.

Expert Support

Devils Brigade will ensure your experience is always positive. From the tools we use, tools you use and everything between, DB has expert technical expertise to assist with any issues you may run into.

an incredible opportunity

Being a part of something that has not been done before provides many benefits. We want to ensure every player is a good fit in our community. For that reason we do not force membership and all are welcome to participate.